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Albert Edward Carter

Albert Edward Carter was born in London England in the United Kingdom on April 1885.His parents
Timothy Carter and Mary Halsey.
He married Therese Brumpton on June 21 1913 in All Saints Anglican Church in Windsor Ontario.

In Windsor Albert Carter ran and owned a Green house with his step brother. The Green house was
called Howe's & Carter Greenery and was located on Glengary Road.

Albert Carter and Theresa Brumpton had six children. Their Oldest daughter was
Violet Annie Carter.

During World War Two they would house soldiers in their home for a day or two because two of their
three sons were soldiers in the war.

Albert Carter died in February of 1958 in Windsor Ontario Canada.

Theresa Brumpton
Violet Annie Carter

Information on Albert Carter Provided by Hester Curtis
back when book. To get this book you will have to ask her for it as there were only a few of these books
in print as the audiance of this book was for her immediate family.