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Earnest Field

Earnest Charles Field was born to Herbert Field and Louise Smart April 4 1909 in Brant Ontario Canada.

He married Violet Annie Carter, Dates are unknown.
there is not much information on Earnest field because he was deported on tax evasion but he never left Canada.

What is known about earnest Field was that he was listed as an interior designer. He never
owned a house always rented an apartment where his wife and children would live.

Earnest had six children only five survived into adult hood. Their first born son died early on in
life due to a hole in his heart. His other Children are Marcie Field, Patricia Field,
Susanne Field, Therese Field and Bryan Field.

Earnest died October 28 1980 in Windsor Ontario, Canada.

Violet Annie Carter
Susanne Alberta Field
Louise Smart
Herbert Field

Information on Earnest Field provided by new clippings of His death announcement and what
little documentation his wife had on him.