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Joseph Wenceslas Pilon

Joseph Wenceslas Pilon also known as Wencslas was born February 17 1899 in Essex Ontario Canada.
His parents are Wencslas Joseph Pilon and Marie Rose E Trudeau.

He married Bertha Lariviere, the dates for the marriage are unknown. He had a son by the name of Roland Wilfred Pilon.

He died June 1 1963 in Pointe-Aux-Roches Ontario.

Bertha Lariviere
Roland Wilfred Pilon
Wencslas Joseph Pilon

information on Joseph Pilon is found on under the Pilon family Tree.
To access his information you will need an account please feel free to contact me if you wish to view the tree.
the information that www.ancestory has provided was his birth, marriage and death information.