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Lawrence Roland Pilon was born on December 14 1956 in Windsor Ontario. He was the first son but the
second child out of six children. He has one older sister and four younger sisters.
His parents are Roland Wilfred Pilon and Helen Pauline Fontaine both of whom are deceased.
Helen died April 14 1984 in Windsor Ontario and Roland died April 4 1991 in Windsor as well.

Lawrence married Carrie-Anne Denomme on November 10 1984 at the age of 27.

Lawrence works at the Chrysler Minivan assembly plant in Windsor Ontario.

Lawrence has three Children. Shelby L Pilon, Christopher L Pilon and Kyle R Pilon.


Carrie-Ann Denomme
Shelby Lynn Pilon
Roland Wilfred Pilon Helen Pauline Fontaine

Information on lawrance Pilon Provieded by his birth and marriage certificates, along with pay stubs. Due
to the fact that he is still living I have opted not to post these peaces of information to protect his personal security.