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Laurent Maurice Denomme


Laurent Maurice Denomme. Known as Lawrence was born on
December 5 1940 in Verner Ontario. His parents are Clement Pierre Denomme and Leonie Cordilla Ducharme.
He was married Susanne Field on November 7 1962 in Windsor Ontario.

Lawrence attended WD technical school in Windsor for is secondary school education.

Lawrence worked at the General Motors Transmission plant in Windsor until he retired.

Lawrance is the Father of three children.
These Children are Carrie-Anne Denomme (now is Pilon) Jodie Lee Denomme (tweeny) and Robert Denome.

Susanne Alberta Field
Carrie-Ann Denomme
Clement Pierre Denomme
Leonie Cordilla Ducharme

Information on laurent Denomme is provieded by his birth and marriage certificates as well as his employment history
and highschool graduation certificate. Due to teh fact taht he is still alive
I have decided not to post her personal information for security concerns.