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Shelby Lynn Pilon

Shelby was born on May 28 1986 in Windsor Ontario Canada at Metropolitan Hospital in Windsor Ontario.

Shelby is now 22 years old and residing in Windsor and is currently attending the University of Windsor.
She is majoring in History

Shelby's Parents are Carrie-Anne Pilon maidden name is Denomme and Lawrence Roland Pilon.
She is the oldest of three children. Her Siblings are
Christopher Lawrence Pilon born November 23 1989 and Kyle Robert Pilon born December 15 1990.

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information On shelby Pilon Porvided by Birth certificate.
Due to teh fact that I am stil alive I do not feel comfortable in posting this information on the internet for fear of
Idenity theft to so protect my own and my families security I have decided not to post this information on the website.