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Susanne Alberta Field

Susanne Alberta Field also known as Sue was born on April 20 1943 in Windsor Ontario. She is the daughter of
Violete Annie Carter (Field is the married name)and Earnest Field.

Susanne married Laurent Denomme November 7 1961.

They had three children Carrie-Ann Denomme born may 12 1962, Jody Lee Denomme Born May 3 1964 and
Robert Charles Denomme Born October 13 1966.

Sue Still lives with her Husband Laurent in Windsor Ontario.

Laurent Denomme
Carrie-Ann Denomme
Violet Annie Carter
Earnest Charles Field

information on Sue Denomme provided by birth and marriage certificates as well as local phone listings in the
2008 Windsor phone book. Due to the fact that she is still alive I have decided not to post her personal information
on the internet for fear of idenity theft.