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Theresa Brumpton

Therese Brumpton was born on May 28 1892 in Rotherham, England, United Kingdom.
She came over originally to Boston USA on the Empress of Britain Ship.

Therese was the Daughter of Robert Henry Brumpton and Annie Boaler.

She married Albert Edward Carter in Windsor Ontario on May 24 1908.She was married in
All Saints Anglican Church in Windsor Ontario at the age of 21.

She had six children. Violet Annie Carter, Francis Pete Carter, Hester Carter, Earnie Carter,
Norm Carter and Frank Carter. All six Children were born in Windsor Ontario.

Therese Brumpton died April 15 1971 in Windsor Ontario.

Violet Annie Carter
Albert Edward Carter

information on Therese Brumpton Provided by
Curtis, Hester. Back When. 2000. in the Pilon family tree. Information that was found was the Empress of Britian passenger logs.
Census records from England and Canada. and the marriage Certificate of Theresa Brumpton and Albert Edward Carter.