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Wenceslas Joseph Pilon

Wenceslas Joseph Pilon was born sometime in 1865 in Quebec Canada. His Parents are
Bienvenu Pilon and Vitaline LaBeau.

He was Married in Pointe-Aux-Roches Ontario to a Marie Rose Emma Trudeau.

Wencslas Pilon was a school teacher in the Essex county area between 1889 and 1913. This is
known because we have come across his school attendance logs.
He taught in numerous areas such as Tilbury North, Stony Point, Sandwich East,
Rochester and Anderdon.
Wenceslas taught children from the age of 5 up to 16 and even taught his own children.
He would have taught in a one room school house.

Below are pictures taken of his attendance logs

Wenceslas Died in Windsor Ontario at the age of 94. His body was sent to Ottawa to be baried.

Wenceslas Joseph Pilon has a Son with Marie Turdeau his name is Joseph Wenceslas Pilon.

We have just found out that his wife Marie Trudeau was the sister of Charles-Émile Trudeau, who was the

father of Pierre Trudeau. At Christmas time Wenceslas and His wife, Marie, would take their Children up to Quebec to spend
Christmas with the Trudeau's.

Joseph Wenceslas Pilon

Information on Wenceslas Joseph Pilon provided by where they have
records of his birth and marriage. Further information provided by
Irene Proux who found the student attendance