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My Family Heritage

Welcome to the Family Heritage website of Shelby Pilon. Here you will find links to members of my family tree.

This website is set us and designed for friends and family to gain some insight on the family.

How it works. To view a certain member of the family just click on their name below. It will take you to a separate page
currently you need to hit back to return to the home page but that will be fixed soon.
In doing this research I have learned a lot about my family and what they did and what their life may
have possibly been like.
They have a wide variety of professions and did what they could to provide for their family. In doing
research I found that a large family does not mean that all of the children survived beyond their
childhood may had died. This brought into reality for me how fortunate we are today to get to the point
where we do not need to worry about death constantly.

Many family members of my families past did not have such sound and settled jobs that my parents have
now. many worked as domestic servants or small jobs where they may not have that much job security.
But somehow they endured to provide for their families.

Thank you, Shelby


Shelby Lynn Pilon

Carrie-Anne Denomme
Lawrence Roland Pilon

Grand Parents
Susanne Alberta Field
Laurent Maurice Denomme
Hellen Pauline Fontaine
Roland Wilfred Pilon

Great Grandparents
Viloet Annie Carter
Earnest Charles Field
Leonie Cordilla Ducharme
Clement Pierre Denomme
Marie Salvita Boissonneau
Charles Fontaine
Bertha Lariviere
Joseph Wenceslas Pilon

Great Great Grand parents
Theresa Brumpton
Albert Carter
Louise Smart
Herbert Field
Mariee Anne lacasse**
Cham Ducharme**
Maria Parmelia Christime St.Amour
Pierre Elzear Denomme
Victoria Trepanier
Merdic Henry Boissenneau
Pauline Jablinski**
John Fontaine**
Marie Boissenneau**
Adlard Lariviere**
Marie Rose Emma Trudeau**
Wenceslase Joseph Pilon

Names noted with ** indicates that they do not have a page of their own.
This means that I have been able to find out where they fit in the family tree I have been unable to find enough information
to give them their own page.